Audio and Video Solutions

Whether you need that new flat screen TV mounted on the wall or want a hidden system that can be controlled with the touch of a button, we have you covered. We can also take care of an audio/video solution for your business

Surround Sound

Today’s shows and movies are meant to be heard and felt. We can upgrade your existing components or design a new system - customized for your existing rooms or new construction build. Flush-mounting your new speakers in the ceiling or walls allowing for full theater sound without compromising the look and feel of your décor.

You enjoy watching your favorite shows – now look forward experiencing them.

Whole House Audio

Whether you are hosting a party, cleaning the house or relaxing by the pool, a Whole House Audio system allows you to easily listen to what you want wherever you want. You can even have the game on the big screen while simultaneously playing it throughout the house so you never miss a play. Sleek in-wall or portable controls allows you access to all your music devices – Streaming Internet Radio, Sirius, iPod, hard drives, TV - from anywhere in your home.

Universal Remotes

Tired of fumbling around with multiple remotes and remembering what input to have the TV on? Today’s universal remote make it easy to turn on specific devices with the correct functions, and all with the touch of a button. Programming them, however, is not quite as easy. In about an hour, we can have your devices entered into the remote along with user specific commands. Want to watch a movie? Simply press “Watch Movie” and relax.

We’ll take care of everything but the popcorn.